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Our platform enables all trustworthy providers that offer quality programs an equal opportunity to connect with families.

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We’re advocating school systems to go as paperless as appropriate. Everyone saves on costs while being kind to the environment. It’s a win win!

Commitment to Equity

As a public benefit corporation, our social mission is to fund and work with community stakeholders to provide Out of School Time opportunities to underserved communities. Partner with us to make an impact!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are considered Out of School Time (OST) activities?

    The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines Out of School Time (OST) activities as "supervised programs that young people regularly attend when school is not in session. This can include before- and after- school programs on a school campus or facilities such as academic programs (e.g., reading or math focused programs), specialty programs (e.g., sports teams, STEM, arts enrichment), and multipurpose programs that provide an array of activities (e.g., 21st Century Community Learning Centers, Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCAs)".

  2. What is the cost to join Kiddo?

    A small fee is charged for each registration, a significant percentage of which is donated back to schools/PTAs/families and to fund programs for underserved communities.

  3. Do I need to discount the price of my programs in order to be listed?

    Pricing is entirely controlled by you. You do however, have the flexibility to offer promotions and discounts as you see fit.

  4. How do families learn about my programs on Kiddo?

    Families create a profile on Kiddo and register their children for after-school programs and local Out of School Time activities. Once your profile and program offerings have been added to Kiddo, families will have full visibility about your business and everything it has to offer. Funds are transferred to you within two business days of every paid registration.

  5. What other benefits will I receive from joining Kiddo?

    We send personalized recommendations to families based on each child’s age, interest, and location. You are not charged for this benefit.

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